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The purpose of La Chaine des Rotisseurs is to enjoy the pleasures of the table: camaraderie, culinary delights, and fine wines. Costa Rica is one among the 70 countries around the world that participate in this gourmet association that counts 25,000 members worldwide. The Chaine des Rotisseurs in Costa Rica began with the arrival of Alain Taulere, who is the current Bailli Délegue, (national president). Before coming to Costa Rica in 2004, he had already requested permission from the Paris headquarters of La Chaine to launch a national chapter here, the first in Central America. Tradition has always been a source of inspiration for Alain Taulere; he is a seventh generation chef and his father, Lucien Taulere, brought the Chaine to Spain in 1951. Alain became a member in France in 1973, then began a chapter in Sarasota, Florida in 1978. It was a natural sequence to begin a chapter of La Chaine des Rotisseurs in Costa Rica in 2005, after relocating from Florida to Guanacaste.

Costa Rica offers a unique environment for the activities of La Chaine, being one of the newest member countries; this national Bailliage is made up currently of two regional chapters: one in Guanacaste, head-quartered in Playa Flamingo, and one in the capital city, San Jose. With professional and non-professional members from diverse professions, we are proud to offer a variety of events to our members, from catered boat trips and beach picnics on the coast, to black tie dinners in elegant restaurants.

Membership of La Chaîne offers the opportunity for new members to meet people who share a common interest in fine dining and good fellowship. For the professional members, such as chefs, restaurateurs and hoteliers, it offers opportunities to demonstrate their exceptional skills and creativity to a discerning appreciative audience. Members receive an especially warm welcome in these establishments. The purpose of this is to provide information to those individuals interested in membership, or simply curious about the organization, as well as offering specific information about member establishments to our confrere members from other countries visiting Costa Rica, or planning to travel here. We warmly greet each of our visitors to this site and invite you contact us personally if you wish.

To learn more about the Chaîne and our varied programme of activities, we invite you to browse the website.

Alain Taulere
Bailli Delegue of Costa Rica